Your Donations Make HOPE Possible

Help Us Prevent & Reverse the National Epidemic of Childhood Obesity!

Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States

VA has a 31% rate of obese children. The National average is 31.6%

Supporting Faces of Hope not only improves the life and health of a local child, but it also provides the catalyst for change for an entire family.

What Can your Donations do?


will further childhood obesity prevention initiatives


can purchase proper workout attire for a children


can buy fitness kits and healthy food for our children


will buy specialized fitness equipment for our children


can sponsor a child for 24 weight management exercise sessions


a donation of any amount will help make a difference in a child’s life


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The Faces Of HOPE of Virginia
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Richmond, VA 23224

Tel: 804-592-4751
Fax: 804-592-4752

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249, East German School Rd
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